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How To Backtest & Refine Options Strategies In A Few Clicks – OptionOmega

  • Are your options strategies working well?
  • Do you want to backtest & refine your options strategies in just a few clicks?

Although past performance does not guarantee future performance, if a strategy doesn’t work well in the past, do you have the confidence to trade it moving forward?

Not all back testers are created equal. OptionOmega is a powerful backtesting tool that allows users to historically test their options strategies fast without coding.

  • Unlike most testers available to retail traders, OptionOmega’s backtester uses 1 minute market data for more accurate backtesting than the end-of-day data.

In this Webinar, we’ve specially invited the co-founders of OptionOmega, Troy and Rusty, to share with us:

  1. Pitfalls of option backtesting using end of day data.
  2. How to easily back test options strategies using OptionOmega.
  3. How to refine options strategies in a few clicks.
  4. Showcase several SPX/SPY options strategies that exhibit good potential from their back tests.

Troy and Rusty are experienced options traders who are also software developers. They created a simple to use, yet advanced, options backtesting tool for themselves, and then made it available to all retail traders as OptionOmega.

  • Come learn from Troy and Rusty to take your options trading confidence and strategies to a higher level.

There will be a Q&A segment for you to ask questions.

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