Crypto Investing: Are You Late To The Game?

AK’s top 3 fav crypto: SOL, FTT, OHM
(Disclaimer: Not financial advise. Please do your own due diligence.)

Don’t navigate the crypto world alone.

Any crypto mistakes can be costly.

Leverage on AK Koh and Chris Long‘s expertise and experience to kick-start your crypto journey.

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Crypto Investing: Are You Late To The Game?

The new crypto bull run is here, and is gaining traction with institutions, family offices, and governments around the world.

Are you late to the game in crypto investing?

We have specially invited AK Koh, a successful crypto investor who turned 15K capital into a 6-figure crypto portfolio since 2017, to share with you how he did it, how he went through the crypto crash and winter periods.

If you missed the boat in the previous crypto bull runs, don’t miss this current one now!

In this Webinar, you will learn from AK:

  • Recent news on cryptocurrencies and how it’s starting to be more mainstream.
  • Strategies on how to profit from cryptocurrencies and reduce your risks while maximising your potential profits.
  • What to lookout for in 2022 and beyond.
There will be a Q&A segment for you to ask your most pressing questions.

Speaker: AK Koh

  • Investing since 20, started with unit trusts and later on buying on my own ETFs and shares
  • Graduated from CryptoTrader program in 2017
  • Started investing into cryptocurrencies soon after just before the $20k bull run and experience the crash as well
  • Continued investing through the winter periods, picking up good coins as well as learning all the other faucets of investing into crypto
  • Current crypto portfolio is at 6-figures with roughly 15k, capital has since all withdrawn out. Biggest win, turned 1 ETH into 150 ETH and growing
  • Trainer and mentor at Cryptoknight Singapore
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