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January 9


07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Shenton House

3 Shenton Way, #03-03/04, Singapore, Singapore 068805

Singapore, Singapore, SG, 068805

90% of people think they know VALUE INVESTING, but lose money in stock markets!
Would you like to be 10% who KNOW value investing and SUCCEED in the markets?
If “YES!” Then you would definitely want to go for this FREE Value Investing workshop!
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In the 3 hours, LEARN:
The WINNING mentality of Warren Buffett.
The SECRET that 90% of retail traders DON’T KNOW ABOUT!
How to get from a beginner to a proficient VALUE INVESTORgenerating 20% ROI in a few weeks!
How to SELECT WINNING STOCKS without charts, software and daily monitoring!
How to generate consistent PASSIVE INCOME!
How to differentiate between INVESTING and SPECULATION!
Investment concepts and strategies PRACTICED BY OVER 3000 STUDENTS in the region!
Value Investing 3000 students so far
The MYTHS of Value Investing:
  • It is DIFFICULT to master.
  • Most people do NOT make money through value investing.
  • You need HIGH start-up capital.
  • It takes a LONG time to become profitable.
  • Value Investing = Trading
  • How beginners can learn and become proficient in trading
  • Graduates of the course make an average of 10%
  • You can start with an investment of $100 a month
  • You can be profitable immediately
  • Value investing is a proven, profitable system
  • Discover WHICH STOCKS to pick. There are so many bad advice out there. Learn to differentiate Winning Stocks from the rest by going through a simple, idiot-proof checklist.
  • Learn WHEN to buy stocks. A Winning Stock can only win if you buy it at the RIGHT PRICE. Learn how to value a Stock.
  • Generate Monthly Passive Income.
  • Learn a Simple Strategy (Value Investing Options Strategy VIOS) known to little people that will bring you Monthly Passive Income from the stock market. This is the MOST POWERFUL STRATEGY that you can ever get out of an investing course.
  • LIVE DEMONSTRATION! See it to believe it! Our Master Trainer will show you his investment account on his REAL RESULTS on how you can also do it! Imagine paying your monthly bills and having another EXTRA INCOME ON A MONTHLY BASIS. YES, ON A MONTHLY BASIS!


  • Beginners who want to become successful VALUE INVESTORS.
  • Experienced investors who want to move up to the next level.
  • People who are SERIOUS about making a healthy passive income while holding on to a day job.
  • People who want to get started on their journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
(Over 3000 graduates are already making a healthy passive income)
So…What are you WAITING FOR?
This will be a value-packed seminar! So be sure to be there early!!
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Due to logistical constraints, we will LIMIT THIS CLASS TO THE FIRST 30 SIGN UPS.
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